I have a lot of options when it comes to my everyday carry.  The choice for me?  The M&P 40c.  Of course pistols are a very subjective choice, but I have made my choice.

The Trigger

As long as a trigger doesn’t feel gritty, I can learn to live with it.  With the M&P, I don’t feel like I have to settle.  The trigger is a very smooth 6.5″ pull.  It has a crisp break with a consistent feel.  The reset certainly isn’t as pronounced as the Glock 23, but the experienced operator can certainly pick up the feel.  It doesn’t have the trigger safety feature that sticks out of the trigger like Glocks either so your finger won’t get ripped up after a day at the range.


I shoot.  A lot.  I can be fairly accurate with most pistols from the start, but with the M&P it feels like it’s hard to miss.  When I got my first M&P 9c, I of course had to head to the range with a friend to show it off.  I let him shoot it, and he was able to get dead center bullseye at 20 yards on his very first shot.  He wasn’t a huge M&P fan before then, but after shooting quickly and accurately so easily with the M&P it went to #1 on his list.

GripHolding M&P 40c

Right out of the box, the pistol fits very nicely in my hand.  The angle of the grip is angled just right for me.  I have medium-sized hands, and I don’t have a single complaint.  Smith and Wesson includes a small, medium and large backstrap with the gun that allows somebody to switch them out quickly and easily to get the perfect feel.  The grip itself feels smooth in the hand while offering enough grip where I don’t have to worry about the gun flying out of my hands, even if they were wet.

Magazine CapacityM&P 9c Standard and Extended Magazine

The full-sized M&P has a standard .40 cal capacity at 15+1, while the compact version holds 10+1 with the smaller magazines.  However, the standard 15 round magazines also work with the compact and there are rubber pieces you can slide over the magazine so it has the same feel as the full-sized.  The 10 round magazines also have a finger lip on the bottom so shooting with the smaller mags isn’t a problem either.

ConcealabilityM&P 40c in Galco IWB holster

I carry the M&P 40c with the 15 round magazine every day with a Galco inside-the-waistband holster and it is quite comfortable.  The Galco holster prevents the gun from rubbing against my waist and t-shirt while maintaining a degree of retention.  In all the time I’ve carried the M&P, I’ve never felt as if the magazine sticks out too much nor have I had a problem keeping it concealed even when wearing somewhat tight T-Shirts during summer.


The M&P is a well-designed gun that feels good in the hand.  The trigger is smooth, it’s easy to clean and accurate.  Follow-up shots are almost too easy and the recoil is very manageable even for inexperienced shooters.  I trust my life to this gun, and I feel completely comfortable with that decision.

When somebody asks me what my recommendation for concealed carry, I can say wholeheartedly the M&P.




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