Ruger SR45 Pistol Review

Ruger SR45 Pistol Review

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The Ruger SR45 Handgun Is a breath of fresh air for those who fell in love with the SR9, but wanted a bit more power when they pulled the trigger. This gun is sleek, modern and feels great in even the smallest of hands.

Ruger has left little to be desired with this one. If you are upgrading from the SR9 you won’t notice many changes. Other than the caliber, all basic operational characteristics are the same as the current SR-Series handguns. You will notice a bit of an increase in size as well as a few extra added ounces in weight.


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At first sight the Ruger SR45 is sleek and modern. The two-tone design is rather striking and really catches the eye. Ruger included their removable and reversible rubberized back strap insert. This allows you to choose your preference of a flat or arched back strap. The gun is slim, with an ergonomic grip and narrow slide, making it perfect for those who what to carry a .45 caliber, without too much extra bulk. The barrel is just under 4.5″  and the over all length comes in at exactly 8″.



The double- stacked magazine holds 10 rounds. The stock model came with two clips. The clips are slim to prevent adding extra bulk to the gun. While, some desire to have more than ten rounds, we think that it is plenty for this versatile handgun. This magazine was specially made for this model and is not a revamped design from another design. Ruger has really lived up to their name with this design.



For a semi-automatic handgun, the Ruger SR45 really outshines the rest. This gun is surprisingly accurate when shooting. The SR45, comes with a standard, adjustable three dot sight. We have fired many different types of ammunition and all seem to fire with ease. Accuracy has yet to be an issue. After several thousand rounds the gun has not jammed in the slightest. This handgun is solid and very precise.



This gun ranges in price from $500-$550, depending on where you purchase it. From time to time, gun shops will run sales. If you are patient, you may be able to find this gun on sale for just under $400. This is a tough price to come by and they tend to sell out quickly, For the money, it is one of the best .45 caliber handguns that you can buy. It seems that Ruger may have a difficult time keeping up with the demand for these.



Overall this is a solid handgun to carry for personal protection, or to use as a hobby shooting gun. It is a good fit for those with large hands, but is versatile enough that smaller handed shooters should not have a problem. This gun is reliable and extremely accurate and a good choice for anyone who loves the SR series, but desires a higher caliber weapon.


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