The harsh reality of the world we live in is that home invasions do not just happen in so-called “high crime” areas. They happen everywhere, from the suburbs to rural areas around the country. Every home should be prepared to survive a home invasion. Here’s how.


The Safe Room
Your home should be equipped with a safe room. This is a room in the house where everyone can go should the home come under the threat of an attack. The room needs to be readily accessible for all people in the house, fairly easy to enter, and easy to lock from the inside. The lock should be a dead-bolt. In the room itself, there should be a heavy piece of furniture along with some other items that can be used to leverage the door. The idea of the safe room is an area where a family can remain safe until the threat of the invasion is gone.


Speak In Code

A family should have certain code words to alert each other about a possible home invasion. The words should be simple such as “Emergency” or “Safe Room Now.” The code words are used to tell the members of the family that they are to report to the safe room as quickly as possible.


Must-Have Items In The Safe Room

In order to survive a home invasion, your safe room should be equipped with a few essentials. First, and foremost, keep a spare cell phone in the room so that it can be used to call 911 immediately. Make sure the phone is charged at all times. A landline telephone works, but remember that phone lines can be cut.

It would be wise to be able to arm yourself while in the safe room. Consider having a pump-action shotgun as well as a handgun stored inside the room. Should the room be discovered by the intruders, just pumping the shotgun may be enough to scare them away. The shotgun can be stored in a gun safe and the handgun in a lockbox, both of which can be accessed easily.

Another item in your safe room should be a bullhorn. Most are equipped with a siren that can be used to scare off attackers. You can use the bullhorn to let your invaders know that you are armed and will shoot if forced.



Chance always favors the prepared. With your safe room ready to go, you should practice with the family a scenario where your home comes under attack. Your best weapon against a home invasion is your brain. Your ability to think is the biggest factor in your survival. Practice a home attack so that you will be prepared if it ever does happen.


An Alternative Plan

Always have a backup plan. While making it to your safe room is a great plan, what happens if you cannot get there? What if the intruders breach the safe room door? Consider having an alternative plan such as escaping out of a window.

Remember, a home invasion can happen anywhere. The key to surviving a home invasion is preparation. Make sure you have a safe room stocked with the necessary items. Practice invasion scenarios and have a backup plan to increase the likelihood of survival against a home attack.