One of the most important elements of a great bugout bag is the addition of a quality fire starter. Since time began, men have understood that survival depends on the ability to stay warm, dry and fed. Without fire, at least two of these things become difficult if not impossible. For that reason, it is imperative to remember to include at least one great fire starter in your B.O.B.


Why Not Just Throw in Some Matches?


Some preppers might argue that all a great bugout bag needs is a waterproof match kit. The truth is having a good match kit on hand isn’t a bad idea. However, there are some disadvantages to trusting this type of tool as your only source of fire. The biggest disadvantage of all is that you are limited as to the number of strikes available.


For instance, if your match kit contains 25 matches – you just limited yourself to 25 attempts at starting a fire. While that may seem like a lot, keep in mind that you may be counting on the contents of your bag for an indefinite amount of time and 25 strikes may fall well short of your actual needs. So, it doesn’t hurt to toss a match kit into your bag, but it is also a good idea to spend the money for a good magnesium fire starter as well.


Which Fire Starter Should I Choose?


The website,, offers a fantastic option for a quality magnesium fire starter. The Aurora Flint Steel and Magnesium Fire Starter costs less than $20 but gives the standard prepper a dependable tool for creating fire under any circumstance. With a ¼” composite flint steel rod complete with integrated magnesium and a built in striking blade, all you need is a little tinder and you are ready to go. It is designed to work well in any kind of weather and unlike a match kit, gives you unlimited striking potential.


No One Needs Just One


The great thing about fire starters is that they are all small enough to fit in any pocket or pouch in your bag. Because they take up so little room, why not toss in two or three? Since fire is so important to all aspects of survival, adding a couple of extra options to your bag is definitely a good idea. Don’t get caught in the cold. Take the time to add a couple of fire starters and never be without one of the most important elements of any survival situation – fire.