There are many great choices for a home defense weapon. Gun enthusiasts and law enforcement officials alike will tell you that their top choice for for this purpose is a shotgun.  Shotguns are very versatile. They provide the ability to shoot a wide variety of ammunition. This choice is not only logical, but economical.

With the ammunition market the way that it is, it can be hard to come by bullets for handguns and assault rifles at a reasonable price. Most sporting goods store shelves are still full of shotgun rounds and they are quite affordable. Stocking up on these for target practice and home defense makes perfect sense.

Pump action shotguns provide for quick self defense in alarming situations. They are very straight forward in their useage. Each has it’s own safety features. They can be locked away in a gun safe that provides easy access for adults, but keeps the gun away from children.

Shotguns themselves can be a budget friendly purchase as well. Many are under $500 and will perform well for defense as well as hobby shooting. While they do not come with a lot of frills, they will do the job and will do it well.

Here are a few options to look into for your home defense needs:


Remington 870Remington_870

It has been said that this is one of the greatest shot guns of all time. This model is durable and loyal. It also offers many aftermarket configurations. The gun operates effortlessly, for even the most novice users.


Mossberg 535
Mossberg 535 Tactical

The Mossberg 535 is also a popular choice for home protection. This gun offers a lot of bang for your buck. It is comfortable to use and also offers many choices for different configurations and aftermarket parts. Barrels can also be swapped easily.




Weatherby WBY-X 459wby-x PA-459

This line of shotguns stands out to many, because they offer both semi-automatic and pump action shotguns. These guns were designed with home defense in mind. These are not your grandpa’s shotgun, they are designed to look modern. The most recent is a camo skull blend that attracts many young gun enthusiasts.


Saiga 12-gauge Shotgunssaiga 12 gauge

These guns are a very favorable option as well. They use the tried and true gas operated action of popular assault rifles. This system reduces the recoil and increases velocity.  A great all around gun, that will be reliable and perform accurately when needed.


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